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Mobile Agri-extension services

Extension service has been a challenge for quite some time, therefore as BNP AGRI SOLUTIONS LTD, we have a mobile team that will visit you at the farm for extension service to guide and train on how you will take care of your crops and animals plus the entire agribusiness value chain.

Agri-technology services

The change in the soil nutrient levels has led to farming losses in the agribusiness sector, therefore we can’t keep on doing the same things and expecting different results. This is where we come in to help you with different technologies like in the manufacture of organic fertilizers, irrigation systems and value addition on your crops at the farm.

Farm management services

Many farmers especially the telephone farmers are finding it hard to run the day-to-day operations of their farms and this has left many of them frustrated and hating farming. We are here to solve this problem by managing these farms on their behalf.

Mentorship services

The young generation has been bombarded with a lot of peer pressure from their fellow youth and this has been brought by the absence of mentors in their lives. Therefore, we do provide mentors to these young people for mentorship and this helps to create a morally upright generation and focused human beings.

Agri-input supply services

Poor supply of Agri-inputs to farmers has been a challenge affecting many farmers in the communities therefore we are here to bridge the gap between the farmers and the inputs by providing quality Agri-inputs to farmers.

Marketing services

Most of the produced agricultural crops and animals produced do not get the available markets for sale, this affects the productivity and farming morale among the farmers and we believe that by creating markets for these agricultural crops, we shall have solved one of the biggest agricultural challenges.

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BNP AGRI SOLUTIONS LIMITED is working with over 50 Farmers in conducting Agribusiness trainings, farm input supply, consultancy and establishment of Agribusiness demonstration farms in the communities. It is a technical partner to Apiiro Bees Products (U) Limited and Marianne Skills Centre and Foundation where we train the youths in Agribusiness enterprise development and management, financial literacy and entrepreneurship.


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    Provision of quality services and developing partnerships with other organizations in order to bridge the gap between farmers and the challenges they face makes our organization different.

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